4-H Clubs

Youth aren’t limited by where they live as to what club they can join. Youth should join the club that best meets their interests. Contact a Club Leader to learn more about a club. Once a youth has decided on a club they can sign up at wi.4honline.com. Contact the Jackson County UW-Extension Office at 284-4257 if you have any questions.

Club Name Club Leader Phone # Meeting Date
BRF Trailblazers Natalie Cogswell 715-284-9704 1st Monday, Methodist Church BRF, 6:00 pm
Country Crystals Karen Kling 715-662-2600 3rd Sunday, Taylor Municipal Building, 7:00 pm
Hixton Lucky Clovers Stacy Shramek 715-964-2534 2nd Monday, Hixton Legion Hall, 7:00 pm
Irving Sticktights II Kara Wensel 715-284-9642 2nd Sunday, Irving Town Hall, 6:30 pm
Melrose Satellites Peggy Stetzer 715-299-0943 2nd Sunday, L&M Café, 7:00 pm
Milk Duds Mary Giese 715-896-1039 2nd Sunday, Garden Valley Town Hall, 6:00 pm
Mound View Happy Workers Todd Erickson 715-797-1622 3rd Sunday, Garden Valley Town Hall, 6:00 pm
Northfield Go-Getters Carolyn Mann 715-797-1517 3rd Sunday, Northfield Town Hall, 7:00 pm
Osseo Wild Mustangs Cathy Franck
David Franck, Sr
715-586-0762 1st Tuesday, Garfield Town Hall, 6:30 pm
Rose Hill Ramblers June Johnson 715-284-7427 2nd Sunday, UWEX, 10:30 am
Sharing Pioneers Deb Johnson 715-284-7598 2nd Sunday, UW-Extension, 4:00 pm
Whispering Hills Ellie Hurlburt
Melissa Schaub
2nd Saturday, Manchester Town Hall, 10:00 am