4-H Makes Space for Upcoming Plat Book

Jackson County 4-H Parents and Leaders Association, Inc. 227 South 11th Street, Black River Falls, WI  54615 (715) 284-4257

For Immediate Release
April 18, 2018

Contact: Monica Lobenstein, Youth & Families Extension Educator

4-H Makes Space for Upcoming Plat Book

Every three years, Jackson County 4-H produces a plat book, which is a detailed, full-color public record map of the county with a different part of the county on each page. The plat book includes details like property ownership, public and tribal lands, areas for hunting and trails, map views and aerial photos, and much more.

This spring, 4-H is selling the 2015 plat book for only $25 each (discounted from $35) to make space for the new plat book which will be released on or around July 1. The old plat books can be purchased at the County Courthouse, Moe Hardware, Scholze’s, or the UW-Extension office.

Be on the lookout for announcements about the new plat book release in the coming months. Contact the UW-Extension office with questions at 715-284-4257.

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